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The Beginning of the Challenge

Lately I have seen quite a few prominent photographers talk about how digital SLR’s have created a newer category of photographers. They have called them click and pray generation. What they mean by that is they just press the shutter button down and let it shoot until they can’t anymore, and then they pray that they got one good shot out of that blast.

I have been guilty of this in the past, and guilty of relying on software on my computer to “fix” my photos.

A few months back I read a blog, by Scott Kelby titled ‘It’s my “Old School Photo Challenge“‘, that challenged the readers to shoot like they were shooting with film. He laid out five rules that must be followed:

  1. You have to turn off, or black out the LCD monitor on the back of your camera. You can’t see the shots after you take them.
  2. You can only shoot 24 or 36 shots total.
  3. You can’t import the photos or even look at them until 24 hours AFTER you shoot them.
  4. You have to make a print (we didn’t always have computer screens to display our work. If we wanted to see it, we made a print. It was the moment when your image became “real.”) 
  5. Film wasn’t free back then. Processing cost even more. But you don’t have to buy film. I’ve got a better idea: We checked, and to by a roll of 24 400 ISO film, and have it processed at WalMart (cheap!) is $9.88, or around $13 for a roll of 36 (NOTE: Weird technicality; apparently, this roll of 24 actually lets you shoot 27 images total, so you can shoot 27 if you feel you need to). Set aside that money somewhere, use it to donate to a charity of your choice, or maybe into a savings account to go towards purchasing that next piece of equipment.
  6. There is no six, but you do get extra credit if you: (a) pick one ISO at the very beginning and don’t change it for all 24/36 shots, and (b) if you don’t do any post-processing of the images in Photoshop or Lightroom. Just look at them, but don’t touch.
So with these five (six) rules in hand I am creating my digital film challenge. I am using this as a means to get me out shooting more, cause as Zach Arias said “You’re either a photographer or you’re not. No matter your skill level just as long as you’re shooting. If you stop shooting you’re sinking.” So at least once a week I am going to go out and shoot as if I am shooting with film, pull the card, not look at the images for at least 24 hours, make prints, and do my best at doing no post-processing.

I will post every image from every shoot here so that my progress can be tracked. The goal of this challenge is to become less dependent on “fixing” the photo later while getting to where I get it right in the camera to begin with.

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